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      Asset monitoring using traditional management techniques is laborious and inefficient, with many administration studies little more than intelligent guesswork. Figuring out where very important gear and provides are is simply part of the equation, with compliance and regulatory wants additionally inserting calls for on gear availability. How can oilfield managers really know that the tools ... Continue reading
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      The necessity of such a technology may be felt when one considers the traits within the cell phone business. A mobile phone as of late is no longer a mere tool for tele-conversation; it’s way over that. A mobile phone is a gadget that includes MP3 gamers, cameras and plenty of extra breathtaking options. The ... Continue reading
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      Distant desktop might be very handy when troubleshooting remote machines. However what if they’re on a dynamic IP network? Your system ought to present single click on distant desktop connectivity no matter whether you’re using dynamic or static does the system assist keep away from physical visits to the deployment? That is in all probability ... Continue reading
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      Examine the Internet for essential reviews on this system. View buyer platforms or bulletin boards to see what clients are saying regarding the program. Simply for instance, if you are contemplating the QuickBooks accounts program, sort in QuickBooks Accounts Software Assessment to find evaluation details about the computer software. To start out with you will ... Continue reading
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How to Completely Reset Your WordPress Website

WordPress can be reset in an emergency. WordPress is reset when restarted or reset. WP Reset is the most popular plugin for resetting WordPress sites, with a flawless 5.0 rating and tens of thousands of active installations. WP Reset’s database reset won’t harm your site’s files. All modifications and data are erased, and theme options are disabled.

There are a number of reasons why you would want to reset or restart a WordPress site:

  1. A example website is on your computer. After constructing a site on a localhost installation of WordPress and migrating it to a live server, you may need to start over. If you’re always playing with plugins and themes on your local installation, you may find quarterly resets helpful.
  2. You’re constructing a new website but want to start afresh. You’ve worked hard on a website or blog, but you’re unhappy with the customizations. WordPress’ reset option lets you quickly create a new layout without losing work.
  3. You’ll revise a client’s website. If they want anything different, you may need to reset WordPress on the staging server and start over.
  4. You’re using WordPress. You may have made plugins or designs or used a novice theme. Both are wonderful WordPress resources. You may need to reinstall WordPress.

WP Reset Restarts Your WordPress Site

It’s time to start the site over.

Here we have the “standard” method of resetting. When you select this option, everything you’ve ever posted, created, or commented on will be deleted forever. Having a backup plan in place is obviously crucial when going this route. You can make a backup with WP Reset and continue working from that point.

Nuclear reset

Everything that comes its way will be eliminated if you choose this choice. Like the reset option, this one removes all of your data and any integrations or material you may have uploaded. Only the login and some default WordPress settings remain. Don’t bother with it unless you’re very certain you need everything gone.

Resetting the Options

This is the only option that may be selected, and it is the only one that does not really delete anything; rather, as the name suggests, it restores items to the settings that were in place when they were initially created.

Modular Reset

There are situations in which a complete reinstallation is unnecessary. Only a select few items might require an immediate pick-me-up. This feature allows you to perform tasks such as reinstalling a theme, modifying user permissions, removing widgets and plugins, and many others. It’s utilized for more minor repairs and has a more specific focus.

WP Reset Dashboard

One of the most useful aspects of WP Reset is the admin panel. The dashboard allows you to accomplish a lot of things, including giving licenses to a domain, seeing snapshots, and more.

The dashboard also shows you the current version and build number of your plugins, as well as the license key you’re using. Checking your license key is the first step in troubleshooting any plugin issues, and you can do it directly from the dashboard.

Other Features:


Let’s imagine you’re making some changes to your live website, like updating the theme or a plugin, and something goes wrong. When the upgrade is no longer desired, how do you roll back the change? If you have WP Reset installed, though, the process is incredibly streamlined. Take a backup of your current installation before making any significant modifications to your site.

Bulk Plugin Installation

Installing your preferred plugins and themes, such as WP 301 Redirect, WP Sticky, UnderConstructionPage, and so on, is a necessary part of setting up a new WordPress installation, whether for personal use or for a client. You’ll need to devote roughly an hour of your time to uploading, installing, and activating each one. However, with WP Reset, you may install all of your preferred plugins simultaneously.

Emergency Recovery Script

You can use the Emergency Recovery Script directly from the WP Reset PRO dashboard in the event that you lose access to your website. Select “Support” and then “Emergency Recovery Script” to activate the script. The plugin will automatically install it, and all you need to do now is follow the link to get the password.

Cleaning Tools

No one likes a messy website, least of all us, but it might take a lot of time to remove demo data left behind when testing a new theme or plugin. WP Reset’s array of visually appealing tools may be used to quickly and easily restore your site to its factory settings while protecting any essential information.


WP Reset is the most popular plugin for resetting WordPress sites. Reverting your WordPress database to its factory settings with WP Reset will not affect any of your site’s files. All customizations and data are wiped clean, and specific features, including theme options, are disabled.