Applied Technology Examples Mostly Used

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fBAV8GDThe field of applied technology is a broad umbrella that covers just about everything that humans have ever come up with. The term itself was coined by John Gardner in 1962 in his book, “The Disciplined Mind.” Gardner’s central idea was that the world and its challenges are complex enough to be beyond any one person’s ability to understand or solve on their own. He proposed that we should look at what has worked for other people who faced similar problems in the past and apply it to our current situations as well.


Applied technology examples businesses are the most common form of applied technologies. They are used by businesses to increase productivity and efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. There are many examples of this type of applied technology that you can use in your own company or start-up if you’re looking into starting one.


Applied technology examples is a broad term that refers to any science that’s used to solve problems and improve lives. There are many different types of applied technology, but they all have one thing in common: they’re practical solutions that make life easier or better. Applied technology includes everything from computers to medical devices, as well as things like electricity and plumbing systems.


  • Movies. Movies are a great example of applied technology. They make use of many different technologies to create an immersive experience for the viewer, such as sound and visual effects.
  • TV Shows. Television series are also examples of applied technology because they use special effects and other tools to create a realistic setting for their stories, as well as incorporate modern technology into the plotlines of each episode (e.g., cell phones).
  • Music/Games/Apps etc.

Health Care

Applied technology examples are used in many industries. In the health care industry, applied technology examples include the following:

  • Medical equipment such as MRI machines and ultrasound devices
  • Software applications used by doctors to diagnose patients or track their progress
  • Electronic medical records (EMRs) are also an example of applied technology. EMRs allow physicians to access patient data from anywhere at any time, which helps them keep track of patient information and ensure that they don’t miss any crucial details during their appointments with patients

Home and Garden

Applied technology examples can be found in a variety of industries, including home and garden. For example, you may want to purchase a new lawn mower that has an app on it so you can start your lawn mower remotely with your phone. Or maybe you’re interested in hiring someone who will come over and install solar panels on your roof so that they generate electricity for your home. Applied technology examples are also popular for education because students use their cell phones or laptops as learning tools instead of textbooks these days. Entertainment is another industry where applied technologies are used frequently: streaming services like Netflix allow users to access movies and shows from anywhere at any time! There are also plenty of other ways applied technologies could be used by businesses such as restaurants or hotels; one example would be having digital menus displayed on televisions throughout each establishment instead of paper ones hanging up around the walls (which often get lost).

Used In Many Industries

Applied technology examples are used in many industries, such as:

  • Automotive industry. Applied technology examples can help you improve the efficiency of your vehicle’s engine and reduce emissions. They can also help you build a more robust car that will last longer than other vehicles on the road today.
  • Construction industry. Applied technology examples allow construction companies to build taller buildings with fewer resources, which makes them more profitable than their competitors who don’t utilize these types of technologies (or at least don’t do so effectively).


Examples of applied technology are mostly used. They help in developing new products and services, improving existing ones, or making them more efficient. Applied technology is a broad term that covers all types of technologies used in day-to-day lives such as computers, mobile phones, etc.